FARMINGTON — New exercise equipment at Kiwanis Park  is hoped to give the community a number of options for a full body workout free of charge.
City and San Juan Regional Medical Center officials gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday morning and watched the hospital's Full Engagement Training staff demonstrate equipment use. 
“We're very fortunate to have good partners in the community,” said Sandra Grunwaldt, Full Engagement Training Manager at San Juan Regional Medical Center. “This is a perfect example of having (the medical center), the city and members of the community all come together to work on one project. Healthcare doesn't just happen in the hospital.” 
The medical center's Board of Directors provided funding for the equipment. Grunwaldt, and other hospital staff hope the cluster will help spread awareness of the importance of a balanced lifestyle incorporating proper diet and exercise.
Kiwanis Park used to have similar sets of exercise equipment. They were made with wood components, eventually deteriorated and were no longer usable.
The wood stations were spread throughout the park rather than gathered into one cluster, said Roger Drayer, a landscape architect with the parks division. This made it difficult to construct an intensive workout, he said.
The new equipment allows users to exercise different muscle groups in a series, said Leslie Thompson, a registered nurse at the medical center.


City Councilor Dan Darnell cut a ribbon officially dedicating the equipment at 9 a.m.     
“Now you can have a full body workout for free,” Grunwaldt said. “There's a lot of options and it's a great setup.”