FARMINGTON — Local businesses and artists looked at Friday night's art show as an opportunity to be introduced to new clients.

The Farmington Downtown Association hosted the 2012 Fall Art Walk on Friday night.

Potential buyers browsed 22 businesses which participated in the art walk.

In recent years, a slumping economy has made it difficult for artists to break into the Farmington art scene, Dalene B. Reese, an aspiring artist who recently moved to Bloomfield.

"I'm trying to break into the art business in a bad economy," she said. "People need to eat more than they need nice art in their home.

Reese, who sculpts metals and glass, said she hoped selling her work at the art walk would familiarize people with her work. Recently retired, she hopes to become a full-time artist.

"I understand that feeding the children and keeping a roof over your head are primary," Reese said. "But if I can hang on until the economy gets better I'll be OK."

The businesses downtown stayed open well past regular closing time as shoppers perused the galleries until 9 p.m.

"We're showing off our local folks that are pretty handy," said Ginger Lockeby, the owner of Rendezvous in downtown Farmington.

SnS Skate Shop opened three weeks ago at a new location at 123 W Main St. It participated in the art walk by selling local art and having local bands perform within the business.

Though normally known for skateboards, Daniel Diswood, the owner, said there's a natural link between skating and art.


"There's always been skaters that do art," he said. "There's graphics on the board and there's graphics on the wheels. Skating and art go hand in hand."

Some art pieces on display Friday night had price tags that stretched above $1,000.

At Three Rivers Brewery, the San Juan County Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Task Force sold art that was donated to the task force to raise money.

The task force has partnered with the art walk for three years to raise money.

"We were trying to think of another way to raise money for domestic violence awareness month," Eleana Butler, the executive director of Sexual Assault Services of Northwest New Mexico. "We put the word out and got a lot donations."