Artist Carl Staley's canvas is made of wood and his brush is hot to the touch. His subject doesn't sit still or wait for him to finish.

Staley's method of creating art is known as pyrography, or wood burning. The word pyrography is derived from Greek and translates to "writing with fire." The artist uses a heated object to create the design.

Staley's art focuses on wildlife and scenery. His work is displayed in 25 states and 11 countries.

Staley graduated from Durango High School in 1971 and started pyrography in the early 1970s during his spare time. In 1999, after retiring, Staley began to concentrate more heavily on his art.

In addition to pyrography, Staley also makes jewelry using bones and antlers of elk, deer and buffalo. His artwork is intensely detailed.

Staley and his wife currently live in Farmington in order to be close to their grandchildren.