FARMINGTON — A man said he kidnapped Dylan Redwine and is asking for money for the 13-year-old's release.

But the man is lying.

"This is a scam," La Plata County Sheriff's Office Capt. Jim Ezzell said in a statement. "Do not send him money."

Dylan has been missing since Nov. 19. Dylan's father, Mark Redwine, said he last saw his son early that morning.

A man who identified himself as Abass Gadafi is claiming on Facebook to be a "boss of a kidnapper gang," and a new Bayfield, Colo. resident. He said he is holding Dylan captive and will release him for $5,000 and he will provide a picture of him for $1,000.

The money is to be sent to an account in the United Kingdom via Western Union, the sheriff's office said.

The sheriff's office is asking anyone who is contacted by the person to call law enforcement at 970-385-2900.

Dylan grew up in Bayfield and moved to Colorado Springs this summer. He returned to the area Nov. 18 to visit his father for Thanksgiving.

Mark Redwine said Dylan vanished the next morning. The father lives in Vallecito, northeast of Durango.

The sheriff's office has said they believe foul play is the reason for Dylan's disappearance.

In the last three weeks investigators and officers from multiple agencies and hundreds of volunteers have scoured forested areas, ditches alongside nearby roads and the bottoms and shores of lakes and reservoirs in southwest Colorado in search of Dylan.


About 250 hikers participated in a community search on Saturday.

The hikers recovered 10 items that investigators are evaluating as possible clues to Dylan's disappearance.