FARMINGTON — Emergency responders, law enforcement and natural-gas industry professionals in October will rehearse their responses to a scenario where a gunman shoots up San Juan College and simultaneously attacks a nearby natural gas pipeline.

San Juan County Emergency Manager Don Cooper said exact details

of the rehearsal have yet to

be worked

out. Planning

for this simulated disaster officially got underway Wednesday afternoon during a luncheon at San Juan College for about 150 people who will participate.

San Juan County organizes a large scale response for a serious emergency each year. Local government agencies receive financial assistance from a natural-gas industry business every year to pay some of the cost of the drill. This year, Kinder Morgan Inc. is the sponsor. Funding also comes from The Department of Homeland Security.

Sam Armenta, of Kinder Morgan in Farmington, said Wednesday that the company was excited to participate. Kinder Morgan owns interest in or operates 75,000 miles of pipeline throughout the United States and has accumulated that infrastructure in a relatively short time. The company was founded in 1997.

"In a few short years they've really grown," Armenta said.

Cooper said each year the sponsor contributes about $10,000 to the drill.

There are planning sessions for the drill scheduled throughout the rest of the year and the full scale drill is expected to be Oct. 12. Most of the activity during the drill will be at the college.