FARMINGTON — A former Bloomfield resident who was stabbed to death in Las Vegas, N.M., last weekend moved to this area a year ago to be with his fiancee and three young children.

Toby J. Armenta, 23, was found dead early Saturday morning by Las Vegas police officers and his fiancee, Armenta's mother, Lisa Shindler, said.

Shindler said Armenta's body was about 20 feet from the front door of his apartment complex. He was stabbed three times and his heart was damaged.

Police in Las Vegas arrested Antoinette Armijo, 39, late Saturday night. She was charged with voluntary manslaughter, aggravated battery and tampering with evidence, according to court documents. Armijo's boyfriend, Johnny Montoya, 36, was charged with tampering with evidence.

During an interview with police after her arrest, Armijo allegedly admitted to stabbing Armenta and Stephan Treiber early Saturday morning. She said she acted in self defense, according to court documents.

After the stabbing, she allegedly took the knife and fled the scene, according to court documents.

Montoya allegedly told police he broke the knife and threw it near a Las Vegas automotive business, according to court documents.

Shindler said Armenta has a 2-year-old son and 3-year-old and 3-month-old daughters.

"His fiancee is devastated and the kids are asking for their daddy," she said.

Armenta took courses in the Bloomfield school district and dropped out when he was in ninth grade, she said.


He was active in a local music group called 505-Familia.

"He was a good kid," Shindler said. "He was getting his life straight and he was making it on his own."

Shindler said she learned from investigators that the night of his death, Armenta and his friend, Treiber, went to a bar in Las Vegas where they met up with Armijo, Montoya and another man.

The five people left the bar together at around midnight and went to Treiber's residence, she said.

Details surrounding what happened after the group arrived at Treiber's place are unclear. Both Treiber and Armenta were stabbed, according to police.

Police, in court documents, said they found Treiber injured near one apartment complex and Armenta dead at a nearby apartment complex.

According to the police report, Armijo and Montoya were arrested in Las Vegas Saturday night and charged in connection with the stabbing.

Armijo was convicted of larceny and drug trafficking in Las Vegas District Court in 2004, according to a state court website.

She is in jail with a $250,000 bond, according to court documents.

Funeral arrangements for Armenta are pending. Shindler said he comes from a large family of brothers and sisters and cousins.

The Las Vegas Police Department and prosecutors from the Fourth Judicial District Attorney's Office declined to comment on the case Thursday.