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FARMINGTON — On one wall hangs a mask with a long nose. On a shelf there is a mask made from fungus. Another mask has a big, orange paper bird beak.

Three Rivers Women's Collective & In Cahoots! Gallery held the opening reception for its annual Mask show on Friday in conjunction with a small gallery walk.

Kathy Johansen, a member of the artist co-op, said the gallery had 13 entries for the mask show. Gallery visitors are able to vote for which masks they think are the most original, the most whimsical and the best of show.

Some of the masks are for sale. The mask with a large bird beak displays a $35 price tag while another mask that looks like its almost bronze displays a tag of more than $200.

The masks are tucked away in a small corner room. A number of visitors stopped to look at the general membership show in the main room, which is going on simultaneously. The art is routinely switched out, Johansen said.

Charles Stacey, a local musician, played guitar and sang during the reception. He said he has been playing at the co-op's events for the last year.

"I've become the house band," Stacey said.

He said he likes to play there because of the open atmosphere. He can play to people without turning the volume up really loud.

He said the reception provides an opportunity for him to play for people where he is not in the spotlight, although people sometimes leave the art to go compliment him.

"The music's not the point," Stacey said. "The art is the point.



Stacey said a lot of people don't realize how great the art scene in Farmington is. He said the artists and musicians form one big, diverse community. They support each other and collaborate.

Trudi Farrell, a member of the co-op, said she joined the co-op for that community. She said she likes the downtown location.

Farrell had been working on a mask for the show, but was unable to finish it because she and some other artists had been working on a beading project to raise funds for breast cancer.