FARMINGTON — Newsboys, a Christian pop-rock band, performed in Farmington Tuesday night as part of its "God's Not Dead" tour.

Passion Radio KPCL and Cross Roads Community Church put on the concert.

Wade Elftman, the youth pastor at Cross Roads Community Church, said this is the third time Newsboys has performed in Farmington and the concerts always sell out. Elftman said Tuesday's concert was sold out two weeks in advance.

Elftman said Newsboys first Farmington performance was three years ago. He said the group likes playing in Farmington and calls whenever it is going to be passing through the area.

Part of the concert was dedicated to recruiting sponsors for Compassion International.

A booth near the Civic Center entrance had pictures of children sorted by regions such as Africa, South America and Asia.

Sponsors exchange letters with the children, send photos and donate $8 a month. The donation helps provide food, water, medical care, education and religious support.

Compassion International is a Christian child advocacy group founded in 1952. Its initial purpose was to help Korean War orphans by providing them with food, shelter, education, health care and Christian training. Since then the group has branched out to help children all around the globe.

Cortni Roy helped set up the Compassion International booth at the Tuesday concert. She said she sponsors an Ethiopain boy.


Roy said she decided to sponsor the boy after going to Haiti with Compassion International and seeing how the program helps kids out of poverty.

Roy said the group helps children receive an education. In addition to education and spiritual welfare, the organization has what it calls child survival programs.

Child survival programs aim to decrease early childhood mortality rates in Third World nations. Roy said people can bring their children into the child survival programs for vaccinations. Vaccinations are provided for children five years old and younger.

Elftman said Compassion International is one of Newsboys' largest supporters and numerous people in Farmington sponsor through Compassion International.

Elftman said Newsboys came to Farmington to "share anthems of God's glory." He said the lyrics are positive and help "inspire people to be who God wants them to be."

Newsboys consists of Michael Tait on vocals, Jeff Frankenstein on keyboard, Duncan Phillips on drums and Jody Davis on guitar.