Augusta Liddic/The Daily TimesMembers Piedra Vista High Shcool bowling team, from left, Dallin James, Alex Mead, Tray Franks, Reagan Franks, Chris Franks,
Augusta Liddic/The Daily Times Members Piedra Vista High Shcool bowling team, from left, Dallin James, Alex Mead, Tray Franks, Reagan Franks, Chris Franks, Jacy Cave, Miel Johnson, Ryan Pecotte and Joey Nunez.
FARMINGTON — The Piedra Vista High School bowling team took point Thursday morning as they marched into the school assembly, their state championship banner flying high.

After winning state for the first time in five years, the bowling team was honored during the winter sports and academic assembly in the Jerry A. Conner Fieldhouse.

The team of nine students, which includes bowlers from eighth-grade through high school, won the 4A state tournament Saturday, dominating Santa Fe High and Albuquerque's Del Norte High schools at Tenpins and More bowling alley in Rio Rancho.

For seniors Chris Franks and Jacy Cave, this was their second state bowling championship after winning with the 2008 team when they were in eighth grade.

"We had a really good season," Franks said. "It feels really good winning another (championship), there is nothing like winning state."

Cave, who has not bowled with the team since 2008, said that because he is a senior, he wanted to bowl with the team one more time.

"We ended up winning again, and it feels good," Cave said. "We've bowled together since we were little, a lot of us. I think we have a pretty close bond."

The team includes several members of the Franks family. In addition to Chris, sophomore Tray and eighth-grader Reagan bowl, while their parents, Chad and Sherri, help coach. Chad, along with Piedra Vista math teacher Kelly Evers, coaches the Piedra Vista team. Sherri also coaches the Farmington High bowling team.


Evers said she believes the students' teamwork lead them to win the state championship.

"They were really cohesive together and watched how each other was doing," Evers said. "They keep each other on the right playing field, keep them in their head and not let others get to them."

During the season, senior Ryan Pecotte became the first Piedra Vista bowler to place at the senior bowling tournament, winning a college scholarship in the process.

Pecotte, along with Chris and Reagan Franks, were accepted to the all-state bowling team.

Reagan Franks, who attends Mesa View Middle School, said she enjoyed being able to bowl with her brothers, as well as with the team. Teamwork, she said, was important.

"If someone gets down, you got to pick them up or else they won't bowl well the next game," she said.

While the team was being interviewed in the gym hallway, Pecotte interjected following Reagan Franks' interview, saying she was being too modest. Pecotte described her as being instrumental in delivering a game-winning bowl to overcome a tied match during the season.

"She came in and threw a strike right off the bat and won us the game. She came in when it was clutch," Pecotte said.