FARMINGTON — For almost 30 years, Jay and Laura Laffoon from Michigan have placed their marriage on a pedestal for people to see.

On March 15, the Laffoons will bring their "Ultimate Date Night Tour" to Farmington's Civic Center. The performance will start at 7 p.m.

Often called "marriage edu-tainers," the couple has written books and released DVDs in addition to touring the country and putting on a weekly talk show. They offer tips on connecting as a couple and a family.

The performance was made possible by a partnership between Passion Radio 95.7, Vertical Radio 88.9 and the Four Corners Coalition for Marriage and Family.

Ron Price, the executive director of the Four Corners Coalition for Marriage and Family, said the coalition decided to bring the couple to Farmington because they believe keeping fun in marriage is vital to maintaining the relationship.

Price said the Laffoons are real and down to earth. He said they don't have a perfect marriage, nor do they pretend to have one.

"They have found a way to be an "us,'" Price said.

He added that being an "us' is what everyone wants with their marriage.

Gloria Wendeborn, a board member of Four Corners Coalition for Marriage and Family, said today marriage is under attack and there is a lot of divorce. She said the coalition brought in the Laffoons to help strengthen marriages in the community.


"All marriages need to be strengthened," Wendeborn said.

Wendeborn said the Laffoons can help strengthen marriages by reminding people about how fun it was to be together in the beginning and to go on dates.

The Laffoons appeal both to Christian and secular audiences, Wendeborn said.

Tickets can be purchased at the Civic Center, Passion Radio or Vertical Radio. Tickets are also available online at Prices are $15 for single people or $25 for couples.

For more information contact the Four Corners Coalition for Marriage and Family at 505-327-7870.

The Civic Center is located at 200 W. Arrington.

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