BLOOMFIELD — City Council will meet Monday night to decide what to do about $300,000 in citations the city has been unable to collect.

City Manager David Fuqua said that Judge Marlon Malloy recommended the city hire a collection agency to try to bring in at least part of the money.

"These are a wide range of citations that have built up over the years," Fuqua said. "It gets to a certain point where you're either going to try to collect the outstanding money or you're not likely going to see any of it."

Fuqua said the council will discuss whether to hire an agency to tackle the unpaid, dated citations.

"I don't know what the (collection agency's) percentage is, but if we can get even 70 percent, it's better than nothing," Fuqua said.

The city has not written off the lost revenue and has not hired a collection agency during Fuqua's two years as city manager.

The council meets at City Hall Monday at 6 p.m.

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