FARMINGTON — "Rhythm of the Dance" is coming to Farmington to illustrate the history of Ireland.

The Farmington Civic Center will be presenting the show on Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the Miriam M. Taylor Theater.

Rhythm of the Dance is put on by the National Dance Company of Ireland. The show tells the story of Ireland through songs and dances.

Various segments of Irish history are highlighted. They include the High King of Ireland and the battle between pagan Celts and Christians, the influence of the French revolution on the Irish thirst for equality and fight for independence from England, and the potato famine driving people from their homeland over the ocean to the United States.

Some of the songs and dances performed will be familiar tunes, such as "Danny Boy," which was written by Turloch Carolan, a harpist who lost his eyesight after catching smallpox at age 18. Carolan wrote the song about a parent saying goodbye to a son as he leaves for war.

Other tunes aren't quite as well-known, such as "Beat of the Bodhrán," which tells the story of Grace O'Malley, a 16th century pirate who was nicknamed the "Sea Queen of Connaught."

Mad Haggis, a local Celtic band, will be performing before the show from 6:00 p.m. until 7:15 p.m.

Carl Freuden, the guitarist and sythesizer player for Mad Haggis, said he grew up listening to Celtic music.

Freuden said he is interested in Irish history and likes the story of the migration from Ireland to the "New World.



"They became us," Freuden said.

Freuden said he encourages people to attend the show because a large crowd means more shows like "Rhythm of the Dance" will come to Farmington.

The show lasts for two hours and features a live band, three tenors and more than 20 dancers.

"Rhythm of the Dance" is produced by Kieran Cavanagh and choreographed by Doireann Carney, who performed during the 2003 Special Olympics opening ceremony.

Tickets are available at Prices are $30, $25 and $15. Tickets for "Rhythm of the Dance" also include the pre-show by Mad Haggis.

For more information contact the Civic Center Ticket Office at 505-599-1148.

The Farmington Civic Center is located at 200 W. Arrington.

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