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FARMINGTON — Homeowners came from all over the county to see how they might gussy up their houses.

Thousands of people attended the 19th Annual Home Remodeling and Building Exposition at McGee Park on Friday and Saturday, according to members of the San Juan County Home Builders Association.

While the City of Farmington and the county have noticed an uptick in new home building, most people still are focusing on the homes that they have.

"There are plenty of people doing kitchens and bathrooms because they are deciding to stay put," said Derald Polston, current president of the San Juan County Home Builders Association.

Many others also are doing less expensive, more cosmetic improvements because the economy still is suffering. Given the time of the year, a lot of people also were looking for ways to improve their yards.

"Last year we got all kinds of flowers, bushes and plants," said Marianita Chee, who lives in Farmington. "This year we're trying to finish off our patio with shading, and rocks."

Still, more people are looking to build than last year, according to city and county officials.

"I'm looking forward to a lot better year than the last three years," said Ken Douglas, a building official for the county. "I'm cautiously optimistic."

The industry has seen its share of ups and downs in recent years, and this could be another misleading blip, though local industry leaders believe the economic environment finally is getting better.


"I think we're going to see a turn-around," Douglas said.

Many of the businesses were prepared to offer their services as this uptick continues, they said.

More than 80 vendors were at the Expo this weekend, selling everything from windows to plants to cleaning materials.

"We'll do everything but the electricity and the plumbing," said David Jiles, a representative with Alpine Lumber Co. in Farmington.

For more information on home building or improvement, contact the San Juan County Home Builders Association at 505-327-2678.

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