FARMINGTON — Bow, the pup who was hit with an arrow last month in Shiprock, found a home in Aztec.

After making headlines, about 50 people called in or emailed about Bow, and 20 people applied to adopt him. People in Indiana and California even put in applications.

Yet, Bow is staying in Four Corners.

The Tapia family, of Aztec, adopted him Thursday from the La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, Colo., where he had been transferred after spending time at the Farmington Animal Shelter.

"He's really happy, and he's really attached to the kids," said Lisa Tapia, who adopted Bow with her husband and three children.

Bow, named after he was wounded by the crossbow arrow in mid-February, was brought to the shelter by a couple who found him in Shiprock.

He had been sore, tired, and scared at the time, shelter employees said earlier this week. They immediately performed surgery on him and removed the arrow.

It was then, before the shelter sent him to the La Plata County Humane Society, that the Aztec family first saw Bow.

"He was like the last in the row. The way he was sitting really caught my eye, and his face caught my eye," Lisa said.

The shelter, however, told the family that Bow already had been committed to the La Plata County Humane Society and that Bow could not be held back.

The shelter was transferring him because it was overwhelmed with animals.

"I said, Please, please, please just make an exception,'" Lisa said, noting that she was told someone from the humane society likely would adopt him before she could.


"I'd pretty much just given up on him."

It was not until Thursday, when Lisa was bored and looked at the humane society's website that she saw Bow online.

"I thought, that's my dog," Lisa said.

On Thursday, Bow's first day up for adoption, Lisa was not the only one applying to adopt Bow. Her application stood out, however, because she had wanted him even before he became somewhat of a canine celebrity.

"All the applicants were wonderful, and I would have adopted him to any of them, but (the Tapias) already had tried before," said Chris Nelson, spokesman for the humane society.

Already, Bow seems to be settling in well, Lisa said, though he sometimes is a little wary of people still.

"Just when he's having fun, he'll kind of stand off to the side, and stare at us like, Wait. Are you guys really going to be nice to me?'" Lisa said.

Both the La Plata County Humane Society and the Farmington Animal Shelter have plenty of other animals up for adoption.

Combined the shelters have about 200 animals that are ready for adoption, or are being prepared for adoption.

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