FARMINGTON — Five kids stood in a line, balloons in their mouths, blowing them up.

"Blow it big, big, big," Abriana Charlie, the mother of four of the children, encouraged. "Keep going."

The balloons were part of "rocket cars" the kids made during Tuesday's Make and Play workshop at the E3 Children's Museum.

For spring break, the children's museum is holding a series of craft-making workshops.

Cherrie Powell, who runs the workshops, said the workshops are activities done in the past that children have enjoyed. For instance, she said the rocket cars were an activity from last summer's Make and Play workshops.

The kids crowded around tables to make their cars and flooded out into other rooms and even the sidewalk outside to race their cars. Some kids even had to wait in line to get a place at the tables making the cars.

Dameon and Daniel Betts were two of the kids who participated in the workshop. The two carefully cut out wheels from Styrofoam trays.

Damion described the process of making the rocket cars. He said first you get a Styrofoam tray, then you cut out the large square area, which will be the body. After that, you draw circles in the small areas for the wheels.

"All this cool stuff can be found on the NASA website," Powell said.

Abriana Charlie brought her four kids and their friend, Adreyonai Gomez, to the Make and Play workshop. She said it was her first time attending an activity at the E3 Children's Museum.


"I can't believe I've never taken my kids here and I've been here for so long," Abriana Charlie said.

The kids had a fun time and Abriana Charlie said she thinks they'll be coming back.

Ariah Charlie and Ajah Charlie said they chose the colors for their cars because they liked the colors.

"These are my favorite colors," Ariah added, holding her car with pink and yellow wheels.

As they released their cars for a car race, each car seemed to go in a different direction.

Roman Charlie's car looped strongly to the right while Ariah's headed almost straight.

Abriana Charlie speculated the size of the wheels and how well the wheels matched each other might have determined which direction the cars would turn.

While Roman's car went right, Ajah and Aniesah Charlie's cars headed in the opposite direction, crashing into a table.

The Charlies are also planning on visiting their grandmother for spring break and the kids said they'll be taking their cars to show her.

The children's museum will be holding two other Make and Play activities this week. Today the craft will be Clothespin Catapults.

"We'll make little targets," Powell said.

The kids will then be able to use the clothespin catapults to try to hit the targets, Powell said.

The final Make and Play activity this week will be Marbleous Maze, which will take place Friday.

Make and Play activities are held from 1 to 3 p.m. The programs are free.

For more information, call 505-599-1425.

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