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FARMINGTON — As he travels, singer and songwriter Daniel Boling often carries a small notebook with him in case he comes up with an idea for a song.

"Sometimes you'll see something or hear something and think "I've got something to say about that,'" Boling said.

This could come from reading a book or even seeing a bumper sticker, he said.

When he doesn't have a notebook with him, Boling sometimes leaves himself voice messages on his phone.

One of those ideas became the song "Welcome Home," which was chosen to be the Albuquerque Folk Festival's theme song.

Boling will be performing his songs at Charles Stacey's house in west Farmington today.

Boling plays at a lot of house concerts because he says he likes their intimate nature.

"You can look into someone's eyes while you sing to them," Boling said.

After attending one house concert, Boling said people will want to go to other house concerts.

While Boling's music is best classified as folk music, he said it isn't the kind of folk music most people know. He doesn't normally sing traditional or Appalachian songs. But when he does, he has his own take on them. Most of the songs he performs are his own.

He said there are a few songs he plays at every concert he performs, one of which is called "Darwin's Pride and Joy." The song is based on the Darwin Awards, which are given every year to people who die in a "stupid" fashion, such as mistaking windshield wiper fluid for vodka and drinking it.


Boling has released five albums and won various awards at Folk music festivals.

To attend, call Stacey at (832) 630-3022 for directions or email gypsyfire@gypsyfire.com. There is a $10-$15 suggested donation.

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