FARMINGTON — Janice Reynolds has seen mothers, daughters and granddaughters all pass through the doors of her salon, The Head Shop.

"It's not just doing hair," said Reynolds, who co-owns the salon at 3180 N. Butler Ave. in Farmington. "It's the bond you make with people."

Co-owner Francine Post agreed.

"They become like family when you do their hair for so long," she said.

Those relationships are part of why Salon Today magazine named The Head Shop one of the top 200 salons in the country.

There are around 240,000 salons in the U.S., and about 19,000 of those applied for the Salon Today contest.

Reynolds was looking through her email when she learned that The Head Shop had been ranked in the top 200 salons. She said the first thing she did was run to tell Post and the staff.

Applying for the contest included writing an essay, providing the salon's financials and filling out an application.

Reynolds credits the salon's success with its switch to Aveda products three years ago.

What makes Aveda unique is its focus on the environment. The company relies on wind power and uses recycled materials to create bottles for its products. While most shampoos and hair products use a petroleum base, Aveda's products are 97 percent plant-derived.

The Head Shop's manager, Shawna Bodo, said rinsing dye from hair causes chemicals to degrade the water system. However, Aveda's products are biodegradable, so they don't hurt the water system.


The first thing customers get when they walk into the salon is stress-relieving treatment, including a signature tea.

"I want people to have a place to relax," Reynolds said.

Having that place to relax is what makes going to The Head Shop worth the money, Bodo said. And the salon offers various promotions to bring down the cost.

One of the upcoming promotions will be a cut-a-thon in honor of Earth Day on April 20.

The salon will offer $20 haircuts, and all of the proceeds will go to the Earth Month, which pays for environmental projects such as water filtration systems. The Head Shop is also selling candles, and proceeds will go directly to water projects in Madagascar.

The salon also sells Aveda products and educates its clients on how to properly use the products.

"Anything we use on you, you can also take home," Bodo said.

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