FARMINGTON — As Wanda Coffey, flips through magazines, she sometimes gets an idea for a painting.

One of her paintings, "Mountain Fresh," was inspired by a picture in a hunting magazine.

Coffey's work, as well as pieces from 15 other artisits, are hanging in the Farmington Civic Center as part of a show the Four Corners Art Association organized.

Coffey, who belongs to the art association, said every artist has to have a guide, and hers happened to be the magzine picture. And she isn't the only art association member to use a magazine as a guide. Mary Morris' pastel drawing, "Summer Sun," is also based on a magazine picture. Morris said she modified a pose she saw in a fashion magazine.

Morris started drawing when she was in grade school.

"If there was a line or a white space on a paper, I'd draw," she said.

Sometimes, she would draw her teacher. Other times, she'd draw her classmates. Today, she still draws people.

Dwight Lawing, another association member, creates paintings based on photographs he shoots.

His painting, "Fall Splendor," is a composite of shots he took last autumn.

"This last fall the colors were so outstanding," Lawing said.

The art association's president Pam Winslow got an idea for her art from a TV commercial of a woman teaching on a beach. In the commercial, the woman put a dollop of paint on a canvas and blew on it.

Winslow decided to try it herself.


So she poured watercolor paint onto a canvas and used a straw to blow it. She said she chose to use watercolor because she knew how it would react. She wasn't sure how hard she'd need to blow to get a thicker paint, like acrylic, to create splatters and streaks across the canvas.

One of Winslow's blown art pieces, as well as a regular painting, is on display at the civic center.

The art show includes both professional and semi-professional artists. In order to be classified as professional, the artist must have sold a piece of art.

The art association meets the second Monday of each month. Each meeting includes a demonstration or a tip that artists can use.

"Sometimes, other artists tell us about their techniques," Winslow said.


Reception: 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Farmington Civic Center. Awards will be presented at 7 p.m.
More info: Call 505-327-2058

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