FARMINGTON — A permanent fix is in sight for a sewage lagoon in Kirtland that threatens about 75 households and could end up leaking its polluting contents into the San Juan River.

Gov. Susana Martinez signed a bill Friday morning authorizing $218.1 million in severance tax bonds to fund a variety of projects statewide. That included $2 million for Kirtland Lagoon, an aging sewage treatment pond.

The lagoon will be replaced with a modern pump station, part of a system that will send the sewage to a treatment plant.

"We're very grateful for those funds," said Kim Carpenter, San Juan County Chief Executive in a phone interview Friday evening. "We'll begin the process of biting into the real issues."

The lagoon project is not within the county's jurisdiction, Carpenter said.

"It's a state department of environment issue, but the county is working to identify a solution. If not, water will be shut off and that's not good (for those residents)," he said.

The county has already secured $186,000 for a system upgrade design, said Mike Stark, the county's chief operations officer.

"We've awarded the (design) project to HDR out of Albuquerque," he said. "We're trying to finalize a contract with them."

The state's $2 million should become available by June or July, Stark said.

"The design might not be complete, but then we'll be able to move right into construction," he said. "The $2 million will go to decommissioning the lagoon and replacing it with a (pump) station."

The sewage lagoon replacement project took on a sense of urgency after the New Mexico Environment Department handed down a deadline. It determined that the lagoon will be shut down on May 20, 2014.

The $2 million, however, covers a little more than half the cost of the renovation project. The entire $3.3 million project also calls for building new gravity sewer lines.

"The challenge is going to be how to identify additional funds in the future," Carpenter said.

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