TURLEY — A shared love of all things athletic is one of things that keeps Kayla and Sid Scheer together.

Sid Scheer proposed to his wife during a triathalon. After their wedding last August, the high school sweethearts rode from the ceremony on bikes. Nowadays, their dates sometimes consist of runs in the Sandia Mountains east of Albuquerque, where they live. Often, Sid Scheer brings along a snack and shares it only after the run.

"I only run if there's something," Kayla Scheer said jokingly.

On Saturday, the Scheers found something else to run for Êwine.

Wines of the San Juan, 233 N.M Highway 511 in Turley, hosted its fourth annual Wine Glass Dash 5K and 10K run. Each runner who crossed the finish line was awarded a glass they could fill with wine.

Angela Ochoa, second from left, starts the Wine Glass Dash 10K on Saturday. Ochoa took first place in the women’s division.
Angela Ochoa, second from left, starts the Wine Glass Dash 10K on Saturday. Ochoa took first place in the women's division. (Hannah Grover/The Daily Times)

Kayla Scheer said the wine provided an incentive for the couple to participate in the run. Last fall, they competed in a hot chocolate 5K in Albuquerque.

Sid Scheer was the first to cross the finish line in the 5K race. He circled back soon after crossing the line and waited for his wife to enter the final stretch. As she headed to the finish line, he ran beside her.

Angela Ochoa, the first-place finisher in the women's 10K, started racing after marrying into a running family. She and her sister-in-law, Allie Bouren, both competed in the 10K for the second year. After finishing, the women talked together about the course.

"We started out too fast," Ochoa said.

The women ran the first two miles at a pace of seven minutes per mile.


While many families filled the course, not everyone actually ran the race. Tomlynn Ellis, 4, waited near the finish line for her mother, Deana Ellis. As soon as she saw her mother, Tomlynn ran over and crossed the finish line at her mother's side, waving to the audience as she ran.

Alex Arnold, a member of the family that owns Wines of the San Juan, said the Wine Glass Dash was initially suggested by a friend of hers, Jamie Church. Alex Arnold and Jennifer Arnold worked together to get the race going.

She said the race is unique because runners pass through a vineyard, up a steep hill and down by the San Juan River.

"There's no other race like this," Alex Arnold said.

To get ready for the race, the Arnold family stayed out until after midnight Friday putting out wine boxes to mark the race course. During the race, the Arnold children sat up on the hill with a Gatorade stand, providing the runners with refreshments.

After crossing the finish line, a few runners stopped by a booth advertising the annual Tortoise and Hair Run a race on April 27 in Farmington put on by Sexual Assault Services of Northwest New Mexico.

The second-place finisher of the Wine Glass Dash 5K, Lucas Thoennes, was last year's Tortoise and Hair Run champion. He said he plans to defend his title.

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