FARMINGTON — Farmington city council will vote Tuesday evening on a resolution updating the city's open meetings policy.

The resolution clarifies the city's open meetings policy and repeals language in prior, inconsistent resolutions.

"There were two changes made by statute this year," said City Attorney Jay Burnham in a phone interview on Friday.

The first change was made through a bill that passed in the New Mexico Legislature. The law requires that meeting agendas be made available at least 72 hours prior to a meeting. Previously, the agenda had to be available 24 hours before a meeting, Burnham said.

The second change to the state's open meetings law requires that notices be placed on government websites.

"We've been in compliance with the provision of this new statute for years," said Mayor Tommy Roberts. "We've also been posting the agendas to our website for a number of years."

As a result of the 72-hour law, city officials will no longer be able to add items to an agenda that's already been published, Roberts said.

In the past, items could be added to an agenda as late as the Monday morning preceding a meeting or work session, he said.

"I like the idea of earlier notification of the contents of an agenda," Roberts said. "It gives the public better notice. In general, it provides more information to the public in a more timely way."

The resolution also clarifies when city council can vote.


The resolution states that no action can be taken on items not listed on the agenda, with the exception of an emergency meeting. Emergency meetings must have at least 24 hours of public notice. Notices must also be faxed or emailed to "a newspaper of general circulation in the (city)," and to "a commercial broadcasting station within the (city) limits."

"We're very conscious of the open meetings law," Roberts said. "Compliance is stressed at all levels of the city."

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