What: Young @ Art show and competition

When: 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday

Where: Marriott Courtyard, 560 Scott Ave., Farmington

More info: Go to www.ara-e.org

FARMINGTON — Starting Saturday, artists from San Juan County high schools will have an opportunity to show off their art.

Animas River Arts and Entertainment, a local nonprofit group that produces events such as the Animas Blues and Brews festival, is hosting Young @ Art!, an art show that features the works of high school juniors and seniors from all over the county.

In addition to the art show, the organization will give out two $1,000 scholarships. One scholarship will go to a visual artist and the other will be given to a performing artist. The recipients will be announced during the show's reception on Saturday.

One of the nonprofit's board members, Beth McClure, said there will be art coming from as far away as Newcomb High School.


The show is originally her idea. Beth McClure has been involved in various student shows around Aztec.

"I always find it really refreshing to see student art," she said.

Beth McClure's sister and ARAE president Katee McClure said the group aims to encourage high school artist to keep create art and to provide them with experience showing art.

"In this area, kids have lots of opportunities with sports and even academics," Katee McClure said.

But there aren't as many opportunities for artists.

"Art and music kids are the back of the pack in schools," Beth McClure said.

She added that it's important to encourage young artists because of the importance art has in culture and civilization.

"There isn't a civilization that became a civilization without art," Beth McClure said.

She said when historians look back at different civilizations throughout time, they look at the art.

"There's something about human nature that's really drawn to the arts," Beth McClure said.

In addition to having art displayed, Alec Adams, a young musician, will play during the reception on Saturday.

"This is for young people," Katee McClure said. "To let them know they have a place."

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