AZTEC — The cases against four suspects accused of kidnapping and stabbing of a Crouch Mesa man were continued for two weeks.

Matthew Russell, 24, of Aztec; Thomas Salazar, 21, of Dulce; Jeanie Sanchez, 25, of Durango, Colo.; and Mark Hinojos, 26, of Farmington; were arrested on suspicion of kidnapping Matthew Harrison from his home on April 10.

They were arrested on suspicion of numerous felonies, including two second-degree felonies for armed robbery and kidnapping.

According to police, Harrison was in his bedroom with his girlfriend when five people, armed with a knife and a machete, burst into his home the evening of April 10. One of men struck him in the head with a bat and another stabbed him twice in the back, Harrison told investigators.

The suspects allegedly took Harrison to a different residence in Farmington and held him there for a night before they returned him to his home.

Investigators said Harrison owed two of his attackers money.