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A scandal affecting hundreds of customers in the Farmington area has them up in arms about millions of collective dollars, and they have a right to the answers they're seeking.

State officials finally saw that after traveling to Farmington for a meeting with potential victims on Tuesday night, but they should have come sooner and there needs to be more assurances that all the proper agencies involved are on the right track.

New Mexico Title Co. has become a name closely associated with sunken hearts and lost dreams.

Money meant to cover mortgages on homes, boat titles, RV purchases and whatever else customers trusted New Mexico Title Co. to handle for them now seems to be gone like a whiff of smoke in the wind.

More than 100 people attended Tuesday's meeting at the Civic Center with state Public Regulation Commission Division of Insurance representatives, but the few answers they got weren't good.

"These guys weren't licensed," one official said. "They were operating illegally."

So what does that mean?

No license, no insurance, no answers?

The officials heard complaint though perhaps better description would be desperate and angry frustration.

Hearing that auditors and investigators aren't finished going over the books in an investigation already monthslong is not enough for those who trusted the company and trusted the state for regulating such companies, and are demanding answers on what happened and will happen to their hard-earned money.


It was good, finally, to have a venting session like the one Tuesday night. Seeing such interest, our government in Santa Fe should get the message:

Fix the loopholes that allowed this to go unchecked, and whatever the answers are with this case, find them and share them.

Hundreds of lives are on hold until you do.