Central Consolidated School District and the state department of education have been at it for some time now, debating whether the district should split, and allow the Kirtland area to form its own district.

A decision was set to be made on May 29. However, citing a loophole in state law, the Public Education Department delayed its decision by two weeks.

Waiting for the decision is nothing new, as parents, teachers, administrators and students have spent most of this past school year waiting.

However, it's time this decision get made. Finding resolution, no matter what the conclusion, is important to all involved so that schools and students can start planning for the academic calendar they'll need. The delays need to come to an end.

A yearlong battle has seen the community group Children First, which formed to contest CCSD's closure of the Kirtland business office, spend about $7,000 in legal fees last June. The group also appeared in district court twice seeking a temporary restraining order that would keep the business office open long enough for feasibility studies to be generated, including dollars spent on moving Kirtland personnel and functions to the Shiprock Administration Office and dollars saved once the Kirtland office was closed.

The district, named as the respondent in the legal case, has spent more than $9,000 in fees through its law firm, Modrall Sperling, to contest that proposed restraining order.


Was this money well spent? Were those hours wasted? We hope for the sake of the children both weren't. Resources are so scarce for everybody these days.

Hanna Skandera, secretary-designate of the state Public Education Department, last year shared her suggestion to not split, in a July 20 letter where she urged parents not to lose sight of what's most important.

"Too often in education, disagreements between adults are allowed to escalate to the point where we lose sight of the impact on our students," she wrote.

We agree 100 percent with Secretary-designate Skandera's comments about keeping the focus on the students.

We urge Skandera, her office and others involved in this process to remember what's best for the children.

Make a decision.

And make it soon, so that those affected can get back to living, working and learning.