I received a letter, (Farmington Area 2013 Fund Drive), asking for a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, and I have questions about this project.

First of all, I know of Bill O'Reilly's involvement and George Bush's involvement, both of which impresses me greatly and makes me want to contribute. Then I watch television and see the great number of ads, asking for money and promising me a Wounded Warrior Blanket if I pledge $19 a month. If I pledge, I don't want a blanket, I want every cent possible to go to the wounded veteran!

Nothing in the letter or the TV ads tells me the administrative cost, how much of my donation will be used asking for more, and how much actually goes to this very worthy project Therefore, I donate to local causes, which I can keep track of and know how much is used to actually benefit those being collected for.

I am sending a small donation, but before I give more, I need these questions answered, and I think many of my peers have the same concerns about giving.

I suggest that in these letters requesting money, give donors a breakdown of expenses, and explain how much is actually going to the Wounded Warriors.