By Michael Higgins of Farmington


The front page news story on Feb. 16, regarding the Shiprock Schools change to the "Fail Proof" grading system was outrageous! (not the article, just it's context). For the principal to dictate that no grade could be less than 50 percent is insulting to the students, the parents and certainly the teachers. It implies that the teachers, in the eyes of the principal, are not able to teach enough to the students, or the students are not capable of learning enough information. It certainly indicates that the principal has no concept of the purpose of school for young men and women.

For them to learn well, they need an environment that will inspire confidence in the teacher, and the teacher can then inspire confidence in the student. The parents must also take part in the learning process, so that the students can realize the support that comes from loving parents. But to lower your professional standards, and make the grading system to be a farce, is to truly fail to educate anyone.

Your next step, Mr. Principal, should be to close the school, and provide the training from the "School Of Hard Knocks." At least the learner can grow in his/her own world.