Aztec School Superintendent Kirk Carpenter has announced that "the Aztec Board of Education has started the process that will lead to a special public school capital improvements tax election on May 7th."

Aztec property owners should look at their 2011 tax bill and see how much their school taxes are.

Aztec residents voted 411 to 273 against continuing the capital improvements tax on Feb. 5. Aztec voters have already said NO. Aztec property owners are having to pay additional taxes on the Aztec Schools bond issue passed in 2008 that was supposed to be paid for by oil and gas revenue and other sources. That did not happen. In addition, there is another bond issue that was passed by voters that has not been added to Aztec property owners tax burden.

Taxpayers are looking at the fancy new athletic complex, the still-under-construction Koogler Middle School complex, etc. and wondering why the Aztec School system is asking us to pay even more money to run the district.

Most of the property owners who are paying the taxes likely do not have kids in school. Many of the parents living in the Aztec school district who have kids in Aztec public schools do not own property and many are Iow-income or on government subsidies and do not pay property taxes. I believe they should have to bear some of the burden of financing our public schools through taxes on gasoline or something everyone uses.

The school mill levy taxes discriminate against property owners.


In this case, Aztec property taxes have already gone up considerably and now we are being asked to pay even more taxes even though we have said NO more taxes on Feb. 5.