As the owner of a family of multistate businesses that employs almost 13,000 people including 40 in San Juan County I am a strong supporter of the decision being made by states to accept the increased federal funding that will be available to expand Medicaid eligibility in 2014. I want to thank Governor Susana Martinez for including a plan to implement expanded Medicaid eligibility in her proposed budget.

In addition to providing valuable healthcare coverage to thousands of uninsured New Mexicans, Medicaid expansion will directly benefit New Mexico businesses by helping to reduce and contain the costs they incur for health insurance for their employees. States that decide not to expand Medicaid and reject the federal funds that will pay for most of it are in essence making a choice to shift the future cost of the uncompensated healthcare that will be provided to those who remain uninsured to local businesses in the form of higher premiums. In addition to the impact of uncompensated care, the cost of providing employer-sponsored health insurance to employees who would have been Medicaid eligible will be shifted to their employers, if Medicaid expansion is not adopted. I strongly urge the New Mexico Legislature to support businesses by adopting the Governor's Medicaid expansion proposal. It's clearly a policy that will benefit New Mexico workers and the people who employ them.

William F.



Owner and Chairman of the Board

Consumer Direct Family of Companies


New Mexico Consumer Direct