I am a lower class citizen working my tail off to make a living for my family. Let me tell you, I am not on welfare of any kind and so all of my expenses are paid by myself and my husband. By not receiving government aide I can't qualify for low-income housing, I simply make too much for their standards. I am in the process of looking for a DECENT place to call home. That's not too much to ask right? Wrong.

I'm not a real estate agent, but when you ask someone to pay say $900 a month for a home that is out dated, needs new appliances, carpet, paint, etc., don't expect people to come running to lease your property. I understand that keeping up with this as a landlord can be difficult but for how much your taking out of your renter's wallets you should be able to afford repairs and updates while still making a profit.

If you look at some of the rentals in this area not only is the rent high, but the deposit is required at signing, first months rent and a pet deposit as well. (Not many places allow pets). So let's do the math, a $900 home add the $900 deposit, plus $900 for first months rent and lets say $200 for a pet that equals $2000! That is ludicrous! Do you people not know what kind of economy we are in and how expensive it is to actually live these days? As a landlord you have to protect yourself and your assets but do you think someone will screw you over after throwing down $2000 just to live in your crap shack? Probably not!

Landlords, do us working class citizens who don't receive any help from the government a favor and consider lowering your rent! Not all people in this area are bad and out to get you! Some of us are just looking for a nice place to call home and not emptying our wallets by doing so.


I think you'd be surprised at how many renters you can get by doing so. I urge others to speak out as this is a real concern for the residents of San Juan County, I know I'm not the only one!

Abbey Cox