A trip to Urgent Care on Sunday, Feb. 24, resulted in a diagnosis of pneumonia and a prescription for antibiotics. However, at 4 a.m. on Feb. 28, I found I could not breathe. A call to 911 resulted in a prompt visit by paramedics and an ambulance trip to the ER. I did not get the names of the crew, but they couldn't have been kinder and more efficient. Oxygen was administered on the trip and my vital signs phoned ahead. I was seen promptly and a chest x-ray confirmed pneumonia in my right lung. Since I am a senior citizen, it was decided to admit me to the hospital "for a day or two."

I found myself in Room 414A on Medical East, where the nurses and nurses' aides, particularly Nurse Eve Lynn and Aides Martha and Caitland, continued the kindness and efficiency I'd found in the paramedics.

Thanks to everyone with whom I came in contact during my three-day stay. Farmington is truly blessed to have your service.

Beatrice W. Byrd