I would like to address that the animal shelter. The Aztec shelter is a no kill animal shelter and Farmington is a kill animal shelter. Farmington animal shelter euthanizes 19 animals on average every day due to space. I would just hope that the new animal shelter that is being built in Farmington is no kill.

The Farmington animal shelter is not all that organized, either. I adopted a puppy from the Farmington animal shelter and paid a hundred dollars for them to fix her and get her rabies vaccination, thinking I could take my puppy home the day I adopted her but was told she has to stay two days to get fixed. At the end of that day the animal shelter calls me back saying I need to get my puppy because she's too young to be fixed, and they would call me back to bring her in when she is old enough. Two months went by and I took her to my own vet where she got her shots and also was fixed. I had to take my papers from the animal shelter and veternarian, to the city and get my money back. I feel that in order for someone to adopt an animal, they shouldn't have to go through what I did. I just hope that the new animal shelter is organized.

Shannon Toney