I am writing this to simply say "Thank You!" to the good Samaritan. Yesterday, my girls and I stopped by Big Lots to pick up some household items. We were done shopping and went to the cashier. I started counting my change (I had left-over quarters from doing laundry) and the lady ahead of me needed 3 cents, so I offered it up. She thanked me, it wasn't a problem because I had the change.

I put my items on the counter and counted my quarters. Well the cashier said "What's this for?" I heard someone say "For her." I wasn't paying attention until I looked up; the cashier was holding up a five dollar bill. The young lady I gave the 3 cents to, had paid for my purchase. Before I could thank her she was out the door.

This is my only way of reaching out to say "Thank You." I pray she is reading this.

I had thought I was a victim of an April Fool's Joke, but I felt foolishly embarrassed to be made speechless. Ask any of my family that is a hard thing to make me do (shut me up).

So thank you, young lady, you made my day and gave me an early birthday present.

Alfreda Scott