I am writing this letter in response to the March 25 article about Randy Manning's accusations of improprieties within the school board of the Central Consolidated Schools. It seems to me this is yet another failed attempt of Mr. Randy Manning to bring down the school board that he is a part of. Mr. Randy Manning's accusation against current board members have been debated ad nauseam to say the least by not only him but other members of years past.

Reading his accusations of my beloved aunt Bernice Benally I gasp incredulously due to the fact of knowing my aunt as an inspiring, intelligent and caring person that we loved and now miss. Bernice has taught us, her children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, to reach for the sky through education and knowledge of culture. That is why she became a board member.

Must Mr. Manning continue his transgressions against the CCSD while he himself is given a duty on that very school board. Why would he conduct himself in a manner unbefitting his office? To cause further tax payer expenditure for his allegations and to further cause anguish to my family. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about Bernice. She has done so much for everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her as well as the Central Consolidated School Board.

Leslie Charley