I am writing in regards to the editorial "Aztec High School incident reflects sound safety procedures" dated April 4. In my opinion, this incident is being completely blown out of proportion. I understand we have had some horrific painful incidents in our nation recently, but in my opiniion, that is no reason for everyone to take a "Oh, my god, the sky is falling!" approach to every incident that occurs. We must trust the people who were hired to make decisions, based on facts that they clearly know, which was that they believed this person was not a danger. Would it have been better for the school to call all the parents, the media, etc. putting them in a panic over nothing. I have a feeling that there would have been people who were very upset had this happened, so basically those in charge are "damned if they do, damned if they don't." In my opinion, the school made a good decision and the Daily Times needs to stop stirring the pot and getting people all riled up. Is this so that you can have more "sky is falling tidbits" to report?

Dorothy Haws