Thank you so very much for the editorial about the way the Aztec School Superintendent Kirk Carpenter handled the scary loaded gun and ammo in a backpack incident in the Aztec High School parking lot.

We are wondering why the incident wasn't reported to the public for over a month? We too, are wondering why Sillers was at the High School?

We are wondering how the Aztec Police Department and Kirk Carpenter could come to a conclusion that Sillers had no intent of doing harm. Sillers had not been to court yet. Who was qualified to conclude that it appeared that the man had no malicious intent?

After all the recent school shootings, why was this incident handled by Carpenter like it is no big deal? Carpenter said the high school staff was informed, but not the parents. The "Star Chamber" attitude is not appropriate in our public schools. Bad ugly things such as shootings at schools seem to be increasing in our nation. Next time, we might not be so lucky.

I was at McCoy school a few days ago to drop off an item for one of the employees. No one was watching the front entry when I walked in carrying a big black baseball bat bag. I went into the office where a secretary was intently looking at the computer screen on her desk. Where is the security at the rest of Aztec's schools? There is a school resource officer at the Aztec High School, but what security is at Koogler Junior High, McCoy, Park Avenue, Lydia Rippey Elementary Schools and the Mosaic Academy and the Vista Nueva Alternative High School?

"What if.



Thank you again for continuing this alarming "conversation."

Shirley McNall


(a Mother and a grandmother of kids who attended Aztec Schools)