I want to thank you for running the editorial on the incident involving a man with a gun at Aztec High School. That was the first I had heard of the incident and I have a son at AHS.

I disagree with you about it reflecting sound safety procedures. I don't see how school officials or police could have surmised in a matter of minutes (and it had to have been a matter of minutes or the school would have been put on lockdown) that the man was no threat, that he was mentally stable, or that if he had planned to attack the school that he had no partner(s) or back-up plan.

However, I appreciate the backing of parental notification.

As I am sure you know, in December there was an "unsubstantiated" (that was the buzz word of the day from everyone ranging from the secretary to the superintendent) threat to the school and parents were not notified. Instead, we were allowed to send our children into what you referred to as a "what if" situation.

I was furious when I found out that day and immediately went and checked my son out of school. I would never have sent him had I known. But that right was stripped away from me.

I think actions like that on the part of the Aztec school system shows exactly how much respect they have for their students' parents. I do think the Aztec schools try to cover things up I hear far too much through the "grapevine.


" I thank you for reporting on them and supporting us parents. You were much nicer to the school system than I would have been.

Tara Dennington