April 8, 2013, a memorial service took place for my beloved grandson Alton s. Halwood at Desert View Funeral Home in Shiprock. The inurnment followed at Green Lawn Cemetery in Farmington, near his mother's burial site. Friends, relatives and guests attended both services.

We departed for the Cemetery after the Reception to place flowers, we thank everyone who has been there and sent their condolences for the loss of Alton. But when we arrived at the Cemetery what we encountered was devastating. Both grave sites were damaged, sodas were sprayed on the floral arrangements, headstone and nearby headstones as well. Empty soda bottles were left and piled on both gravesites. The responsible adults who were involved and confronted admitted to the damages as I was told were paying their respect. I received no apologies from the responsible individuals. This shows how the adults were immature, no respect and disrespectful to other people properties. These people actually gave me their condolences, telling me if I need help, "call me;" he's a good friend; I love him but what did I get in return. My daughter and grandson's grave sites were damaged. Should I be happy and maintain my respect to the responsible individuals who conducted themselves in an immature manner?

I apologized to the cemetery workers for the properties damage caused by the individuals, apologize for what happened and this has created an embarrassment for my immediate family to any damages was done.


Ellen Barton-Poyer