I would like to comment on the kindness of strangers in Farmington. Last Tuesday I went to Staples and I accidentally locked my keys in my truck. I called AAA but realized that my membership had recently expired and I was unable to use their service. I called my husband at work but he didn't answer. It was raining very hard and I was crouched down in front of the store, looking and feeling miserable and wondering what to do next.

A woman approached me and asked if I needed help. I told her what had happened and she offered to drive me home so I could get a spare key. At first I was apprehensive about getting into a vehicle with a stranger, but something told me that I would be OK.

She drove me home in the pouring rain, waited for me to get my key, then brought me back to the Staples parking lot. We had a nice chat together; she was pleasant and interesting and our time together was very comfortable for me.

I felt so blessed and grateful that she was at Staples at the same time, and that she recognized my distress. I would like to thank this lovely angel in disguise, her name is Orla Lybrook. There ARE kind and helpful people in our community who deserve recognition for their good deeds to others! Thank you Orla, you're my hero!

Holly Neill