I would like to respond to an article in the Monday, April 15 Daily Times. This article was written by Tina Dupuy, an award winning writer and syndicated columnist titled, "save our schools from creationism."

It seems apparent that Ms. Dupuy believes the theory on evolution and only wants this to be taught in our schools. We, who believe in the creation truth, from God's Word, would also like that only creation be taught in our schools.

I feel we all need to take a real close look at our eternity and each person needs to decide for themselves what they will believe. The importance of an eternal punishment is too much to not investigate. To just believe what others tell you is foolish.

Knowing that the evolution theory was brought to light by one man, a person just like us, named Darwin, justifies further investigation on our parts. He could only guess with little to no real facts about what a prudent and informed person cannot believe.

I say, "Let us give our children the oppertunity to see the truth of our origin, existence and future." We need creation taught in our schools.

Jerry Smiley