I moved to Farmington in November and was planning on riding my bike to work every day. The first day out on my bike I was hit by car at the intersection of Sullivan and Main. I was obeying traffic laws. I was hit head-on and in broad daylight. The damage to my bicycle cost more than $100 to fix.

Biking is an important way for me to stay fit in a fun way. Now that it's spring, I've chosen, despite the hazard, to keep on riding to work. I've noticed a couple of things along the route.

1) There is a bike lane on Sullivan, but not on Main St. where I was hit.

2) None of the bike lanes in Farmington are linked together, and there are no signs to alert to the presence of bicyclists on any of the busiest streets.

3) There are lots of others besides myself out on the streets riding bicycles in Farmington, and kids on skateboards, too.

Before moving to Farmington I was looking forward to biking here. I had assumed that Farmington was a bike friendly town because of the popularity of mountain biking in this area. Turns out I was wrong. Workers in several of the bike shops have told me they'd never dare ride on the streets here.

Let's change that. Bicycle friendly and pedestrian friendly streets make for a better quality of life.

Debbie Higgs