I would like to address the proposed annexation of the property on the Bloomfield highway as well as Crouch Mesa.


If Farmington was up to standards on all aspects, (utilities, roads, etc.) then I would not have a problem with their proposition.


As it is the city CANNOT keep up with the city it has. Let alone annex any more into the city. The way I see it they are just money hungry and all they want is more tax money.


They can give McGee Park city sewage but Wild Horse Valley and Lee Acres have to have an expensive study to see if they need it or not. DAH ... It should be a no brainer. They just don't want to spend the money on pumping (lift) stations and whatever it takes to do the job. Also our roads need improvement. But even if they annex us we will not see these improvements.


I wonder where all the money goes that's supposed to be for some of these projects.


John Hobaugh