I want to thank Ryan Boetel for his article "Dangerous Crossroads" in the April 14th newspaper. As a daily commuter on East Main from Pinon Hills Blvd to the 20th Street turn off it is no surprise to me that this area has the highest number of automobile accidents in our city. What is surprising, that regardless of the higher volume of traffic and propensity of accidents, I continue to see an exponential growth of people who are using their cellphones, and specifically texting, while the vehicle is in motion and while stopped at a traffic light. Mr. Finch's quote in the article is correct when he states "that it is volume and people not paying attention" that are the main cause of the accidents we see. However, the city has provided us with long standing traffic control systems to manage the high volume of vehicles in this area, and I have seen a higher visibility of police monitoring this stretch of roadway as well. Both of these actions should signify to drivers that this is an area where our full attention needs to be paid to the road and not to the incoming text messages or phone calls. Many other communities in our state have made special laws to ban the use of cell phones in cars. With distracted driving already an infraction of the traffic code I don't believe we need to create more laws to control what we as drivers can control on our own. My hope is that people will read this article and make a mental note, as I have, to challenge themselves to refrain from outside distractions while driving to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. I know my wife and kids want me to make it home each night and the thought of putting their interests, and the interests of other driver's families, in jeopardy because of a text message seems irresponsible and short sighted to say the least.