The Don't Meth With Us Foundation would like to thank San Juan County for their overwhelming support of this International program for 5th grade students. We have just completed our 7th year and estimate that during that time over 15,000 students have heard about the dangers associated with methamphetamine drug abuse.


The Farmington Fire Fighters were totally awesome and came to 9 out of the 10 Farmington elementary schools. A firefighter would walk in wearing a HAZMAT suit and oxygen mask so the amazed students could see how firemen must prepare before entering a potentially dangerous situation involving toxic chemicals. They answered many student questions about why they had to dress that way and what students should do if they should see meth trash. Mayors Tommy Roberts and Scott Eckstein talked with students about making good choices and bad choices. Superintendent Kirk Carpenter talked with approximately 250 students at Park Ave. Elementary about choices.


Also, this year, a couple of young business people talked with the students about their past personal experiences with drugs and some of the consequences resulting from their decisions.


Raymond Keeswood with the Department of Navajo Behavioral Health has donated countless hours of his time doing Don't Meth With Us presentations for the Central Consolidated School District and schools on the Navajo Reservation for the past 6 years.


We also want to thank all the area element 5th grade teachers, principals, and the superintendents for their support of the program. Meth use in juveniles in San Juan County has gone from 39 arrested in 2006 to zero for the past 2 years. We will honor winners of the student's essays, short stories, poems and videos and our Partners at an Appreciation Luncheon at the Courtyard in May.


This program would not be possible without the support of our 20 wonderful sponsors/partners and their dedication to the Don't Meth With Us Program. We must also thank our 12 presenters who give their time going into the schools and talking to the children about the consequences of experimenting with illegal and prescription drugs.


To learn more about this program please go to www.DontMethWithUs.com


President, Don't Meth With Us Foundation