What the Daily Times fails to mention about the recent shooting at the Animas Valley Mall is that several of the gangsters from the two gangs involved followed the victim to the emergency room at the hospital where they continued to fight, curse and shout death treats at each other, necessitating a lock down at the hospital and endangering the law abiding citizens there trying to receive medical treatment.


My daughter had taken my 5 year old grandson there for treatment of a playground injury and wound up locked in a treatment room for their protection for a couple of hours unable to leave or have visitors. My other daughter was barely able to pick up my other grand daughters in time to get them away from the situation. Their description of the emergency room parking lot was "total pandemonium." I think every single one of my family that was there were traumatized by the situation. This is unacceptable and intolerable. It appears the Farmington police dropped the ball entirely.


Gangsters well enough to be roaming the halls cursing and shouting death threats have NO PLACE in a hospital. They should have been controlled and removed immediately, using lethal force if necessary. They could wait to receive medical care until they agreed to behave or be treated by medical personnel at the jail.


There should be a zero tolerance policy on allowing violence of any kind in Farmington's hospital or emergency rooms. This sounds more like Chicago, the home of our much maligned president, than a small town in the southwest.


I don't think Farmington wants to be compared to Chicago, but if the shoe fits Farmington, it's time to wake up! You have a gang problem, a drug problem and a very serious disaffected youth problem. Get prepared NOW! And shame on you Farmington Police Department for letting this get totally out of control.