Well, Earth Day has come and gone. Family decided to help out. After selecting Route N-36 to Rez line; our task started. The amount of trash was unbelievable! For whatever reason it reminded me of Dean Martin's song, "Little old wine drinker me." Being intellectually inspired, here's my attempt in song writing. Keeping in tone with Dean's song: Title of song, "Little Old Environmentalist Lee."


Whole body ashes, picking up trash, along the highway. Amount of bottles overwhelm me. People speeding by, probably wondering who this fool is. If they've asked I would have said, it just little old Environmentalist Me.


Hat's off to the young people in Shiprock, let's not forget the three young folks in Arizona; make me wonder where the so called environmentalists are. They're probably so busy politicizing. Photo-op and grand standing at every opportunity what's needed is more little old environmentalist me.


Activist hot air causes me so much indignation, not to mention consternation & a mild case of constipation. Who's this lyric fool it's just old environmentalist me.


Don't be like these hypocrites that surround us. Just roll up your sleeves and help out. Control what you can, bring out the environmentalist in you.


Lately, I've been thinking about changing my name, a name that's attention catching, then out of the blue comes Environmentalist Lee, yes, that's it a name that fits Environmentalist Lee. Yes, Yes, Yes, Environmentalist Lee. End of lyric.


Seriously speaking, remember the native slogan "walk in beauty" isn't going to happen without your help. Here and now it's more like "walk in trash." The same effort used to enter a business to purchase booze, water, fast food, candy bars, etc. should also be used to properly dispose of the item. Another item to consider, "edible container" (booze and meal in a bottle). Problem solved.


Lastly using a quote from Sunday's comic strip "Dilbert"-"I don't like to brag, but I'm fairly sure I'm nailing it."