Immigration reform and border control!



I am appalled at the lies, greed and stupidity I see happening regarding immigration reform that is being rammed down our throats by both Democrats and Republicans. And the secular press is not telling us the truth either. The "Gang of Eight" gangsters are just about to sell us out and sign the death warrant of our country! But I and most Americans shout, "We've had enough!"

When immigration reform gets passed, it will result in 11 million (actually 45 million) illegal aliens becoming 46 million legal democrats! It will end our two-party system. Most of these illegals are poor, unskilled and dependant on big government and they will be able to vote and receive many government handouts such as food stamps and medical care, which will cost more from tax-paying U.S. Citizens than the amount these immigrants will pay taxes. due to the already insane spending by our government (Democrats more than Republicans), our National Debt is over $17 trillion and this amnesty will accelerate our financial collapse.

The Democrats and many Republican won't actually secure our borders because they don't want secure borders! The Democrats lust for power and complete control of government and the Republicans want access to all that cheap labor that illegals provide! Some employers are already using illegal immigrant labor so they can avoid paying federal employer and employee withholding taxes.

Another way in which this system is broken by design is that immigrants and induced to come here illegally to have babies, who are than automatic citizens, who then become "anchor babies" to bring in many relatives. This whole scam is extremely unfair to legal immigrants, as well as to U.S. Citizens.

Our southern border should be immediately secured with a high, double fence topped with razor wire and manned with machine guns! And illegals should have NO ACCESS to tax-payer funded medical care, driver's licenses, voting or any other privileges granted to legal citizens! We shouldn't reward crime!

Mexico is blessed with natural resources, but corruption, greed and drug violence has created the despicable conditions that drive its people across our border. Furthermore, the Mexican government is complicit in exporting its poor people and criminals to us! When are we going to crack down on illegals the way Mexico does on illegals coming across its southern border with Guatemala? I'm NOT a racist but I am EXTREMELY politically incorrect.