DOWN — Members of the New Mexico Legislature traveled to Farmington this week to gather information on water in the Southwest and the outlook isn't good. Findings from a new study of the Colorado River Basin shows that demand is outstripping supply, which is depleting reservoirs. Suggested solutions include importing and reusing water, desalination plants and conservation. A U.S. Bureau of Reclamation manager told lawmakers that it will take a number of small projects to ensure water deliveries continue on schedule. As we endure the 12th year of drought, we urge our elected leaders to take this looming problem seriously and find cost-effective, long-term solutions.


UP — Jeff and Cindy Rendall recently provided an example of what it takes to create "community." That's a word that gets tossed out, often without any depth of understanding. The Rendalls raised $7,000 to purchase year-round watering stations for the Four Corners Equine Rescue. The rescue operation was caring for about 62 horses when our story went to press and was preparing to accept a few more. We think that's good work for a worthy cause.


DOWN — Shots fired. Schools on lockdown. Enough already. It seems like there are some special people out there who need gun safety classes. Of course, benefiting from a gun safety class requires a certain level of maturity -- and sobriety. We urge everyone to take proper precautions and treat those guns with the respect they deserve.


UP — Public Service Company of New Mexico donated $10,000 to improve Farmington's trail system. We appreciate the company's willingness to invest in this community. It's a relatively small amount, but if it's invested right, it could make a big difference. Farmington's rivers are part of its unique appeal, and the targeted trails make it easier for residents and tourists alike to enjoy a beautiful stretch of the Animas River.


DOWN — As Arizona state officials take an indeterminate amount of time to consider whether deregulating their electric market is a good idea, the tri-city economy hangs in the balance. It's not yet clear what impact deregulation would have on the Arizona Public Service Co.'s investment in the Four Corners Power Plant, but one official was not optimistic. And the delay is threatening deals worked out over months and years that will keep the plant in operation. If the plant closes, it also likely would end operations at the Navajo Mine. That means the loss of hundreds of local jobs and billions of dollars to the regional and state economy. Hurry up Arizona.


UP — The San Juan County Sheriff's office was on the spot to arrest a Mora County Sheriff's Office deputy who allegedly tried to solicit sex from a minor here. Investigators set up a sting for the deputy who was in Kirtland for police academy training. If the allegations are true, that Special Enforcement Team operation prevented a predator from ruining the lives of an unknown number of children.