I unfortunately could no longer keep my kitten, for fear of getting kicked out of my home. With a 2 year old and a baby on the way what other option did I have? So I took my cat aka The Executioner to the Farmington Animal Shelter. Tears running down my face, I explained my situation... I was handed a form to fill out with his name, age, and distinguishing features.

I went back the next afternoon to see how he was holding up only to find out that someone decided to change his name to Chico! My question is, why give me a form to fill out with his personal information if you are NOT going to use it?! Guaranteed his new owner might have changed his name, but I thought the names on the cages WERE their names?! If pets come in and are surrendered willingly then why change the name that they already know and are accustomed to hearing? I personally think that the Farmington Animal Shelter is a load of BOLOGNA. Like they don't make enough money charging ridiculous prices for animals in need of good homes. Do you have any idea how many poor animals they put down a DAY? Its DISGUSTING.

Britt and Josh Beasley