Recently it has been publicized that the Senate Democrats voted unanimously against a proposal from the House of Representatives to keep the government running and delay "Obamacare"

As quoted from Sen. Udall's Website:

"A small minority of extremists in the Republican party is now holding the entire country hostage over a law that has cleared the Congress and the Supreme Court, and survived a presidential election. Insisting on a government shutdown to prove a point isn't leadership, it's a temper tantrum, and the American people are rightly disgusted."

My question to Sen. Udall: why does one side have to give in all the time and then are blamed and name called when they don't? Grow up sir!

The temper tantrum runs deeper than that. Senate Democrats are just as guilty about a tantrum. It is obvious that the Democratic caucus does not listen nor care about the portion of the people who work and fund this very program that clearly do not want it imposed on them. If the legislative body were to feel the full impact of this, now law, as it is described, the legislative body would be more willing to adapt a delay measure allowing a chance to analyze what is truly the best measure.

The behavior of a public servant blaming a single political party is completely unacceptable and adolescent and only causes further division. To impose a burden without consideration is arrogant.

As a reminder to elected servants, the constituents described above that fund this program will also be voting in the 2014 elections.

Nick Smith